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Winner of the illustrative category in the european photographer of the year 2022 competition

I was the winner of the "illustrative/Fine Art" category (Golden Camera) and the 3rd place (Bronze Camera) in the European Professional Photographer of The Year 2022, by FEP - Federation of the European Professional Photographers.

The award ceremony took place on the 1st of May in Rome. This contest aims to distinguish professional photographers who stand out in 12 categories with a participation of 2600 images received coming from 26 different countries.

The classification of each category is defined by the average of points of the three highest-scoring images of each photographer. The European Photographer of the Year award is selected from the winners in each category. This year the top distinction went to Spaniard Pedro Saiz.

On top: My three highest rated images in the "Illustration/Fine Art" category, the two images on the left being the most rated in the category this year.

On top: My top three images in the commercial category.

Trophies obtnained in this contest.


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