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It is a pleasure to share with you that I was obtnained the title of European Photographer of the Year 2024, by FEP - Federation of European Professional Photographers, reaching maximum distinction of the competition for the second year in a row.

Above: Moment of revealing the winner where I receive the trophy on stage.

In a ceremony held in Alesund (Norway) on April 13, 2024, the winners of each categories were revealed, as well as the winner of the grand title of European Photographer of the Year 2024, by FEP. And, I'm happy to be the big winner this year because, this competition set a record participation of more than 3300 photographs submitted by 330 European photographers.

Above: Trophies obtained in the competition.

After competing in 7 different categories last year, this year I only participated in the "Commercial and Advertising" category, having obtained the "Golden Camera", a trophy awarded to the winner of each category.

In the final phase, the juries deliberate between the winners of each category, on who should be the overall winner of the competition, and, after last year being the first photographer to win the maximum distinction twice (2010 and 2023) , this year I achieved it for the third time, now in 2024.

Above: diplomas obtained (category winner and Photographer of the Year).

These were the 3 images that earned me the title, they are images of a more advertising style, with the presence of food, an area that increasingly interests me and in which I have been photographing more recently, driven mainly by the fact that a big part of my clients today are hotels and their restaurants.

It is gratifying to feel that my work can achieve top results in competitions like this, even over the time. This is a way of trying to improve myself and continually update myself with the goal of always providing the best possible work/results to my clients.

Official results: Click to see.


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