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Overall winner in the WPE Awards 2021

After winning the "First Half 2021" and "Second Half 2021", I was declared the winner of the "Grand Final 2021" of the WPE Awards, earning the title of global winner of the competition.

The WPE Awards (based in Paris) is an entity that organizes three photography competitions a year, with around 30 categories representing the main areas of photography, it has almost 10 thousand members at the moment..

Among the several punctuated images that earned me the distinction, the image "pollution" was my most punctuated image of the year in this competition (in the set of the three contests) with 94 points, having won the category of "Photomanipulation" in the "Grand Final" .

In addition to the distinctions, it is interesting to be able to create something in my area (photography in this case) that can somehow contribute positively to society. And the problem of pollution is something that affects us all, in different parts of the globe.

Image of the three trophies from each of the three competitions and the global winner distinction.

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