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Overall Winner in the Creative Photo Awards 2022

The results of the Creative Photo Awards 2022 are out and the news couldn't be better. I was the Overall Winner getting the title of Photographer of the Year in the competition.

This contest is based in Siena (Italy) and makes part of the Siena Awards. The aim is to reward creative photography in the various categories (17 in total). This year thousands of images was submitted from around 128 different countries.

The winning image is called "The False Illusion" and with this image I intend to talk about the problem of pollution and the interests behind it attempting to hide its presence.

This is the official text that serves as a caption for the image: "Pollution is a real problem that affects us all. There are often attempts to camouflage or minimize this problem. The big manufacturing companies and the powers that be try to hide an issue that is real and brings sequels, creating the illusion that it is a distant problem, but in fact we are already facing it today and leave with a great disadvantage to solve it at this moment..."

This was the most punctuated image of the contest, having achieved the distinction of "Photograph of the Year". In addition to this image, I also had an image achieving 2nd place in the "Music" category with the title "The Power of Music" featuring the Portuguese musician Eduardo Ramos.

Two images were also distinguished as "Highly Commended" in the "Product" and "Food and Beeverage" categories below.

Also highlighted, three more images with the "Commended" distinction, the equivalent of an Honorable Mention, in the "Food & Beeverage" categories (the sushi image, with the cooperation of the "Bonsai Sushi Lounge" restaurant, in São Francisco/Alcochete), "Conceptual" and "Product" below.


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